New Shop!

We're excited to launch our new shop!

If you’ve been with the MN4WDA for a while, you know that we sometimes struggle to move things into the 21st century. One of those things has been our merchandise sales. Traditionally, we would order a whole bunch of merchandise and distribute it between our board members, who would then sell this merchandise at events or meet with members to deliver their items. This sort of worked for us, that is, until a global pandemic struck and cancelled most of our wheeling season. That’s what led us here, to developing and launching our brand new online shop!

We are so excited to be able to ship merchandise to members, allow them to access sale items, and offer preorders for specific merchandise lines! Stick with us, because this won’t be going away anytime soon! Check out the items below or use the “Shop” tab in our menu to find our entire selection!

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