Rick Langness

Position: President   I first got into offroading riding with my cousin who was a member of the MN Go-4 Wheelers and became a member in 1985. One of my cousin’s offroading friends was Mike Sullivan who with others would go all over both MN and WI. When the idea of starting the MN4WDA came […]

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Geoffrey W O’Brien

Involved with the sport since 2003, I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast and ORV user since first getting hooked on the off-road lifestyle. I have been Involved with almost every aspect of the sport from recreational 4 wheeling, camping and traveling with friends, being a member of off-road clubs, participating in competitions, building trails […]

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Craig Peters

I have been into anything with a motor since before I had my license. A friend invited me to Dresser in 2007 with my lifted plow truck, I quickly learned it is not a good idea to wheel a plow truck. From that trip I was hooked. For the next outing I had a 1977 […]

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Morgan Wendt

I’ve been wheeling with my dad since I was about 7 or 8. When I turned 16, he gave me his Jeep because he built a new rig, and it has become my baby. I’ve been a member of the MN4WDA since I started wheeling, but became active once I got my jeep. I began […]

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Jeff Wendt

Started with monster trucks then got into ruff truck racing before I got into off-roading. I have been involved with the organization from the start when my club (Dakota Dirt Diggers) joined. In the future, I hope we are able to get better trails and more public areas to wheel. Name:Jeff Wendt Occupation:Asphalt Plant Manager […]

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Katie Nelton

My Husband (Mike) and I entered this sport together back in 2005. He had a few friends that had exposed him to wheeling/mud racing; I was along for the ride. We got the Samurai and built it up and have never looked back. In the years that have past there have been great adventures. The […]

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Dave Beer

Name: Dave Beer Occupation: Auto body repair I have been around motor sports my whole life.  I started off-roading when I was nine years old with my dad.  Ever since my first time out on the trails I have been hooked.  I have wheeled all different kinds of vehicles from a stock tracker to a […]

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Doug Peterson

It started at dresser in 1995, i have enjoyed 4 wheeling thru the years i have shared time with my boys 16 and 19 that have started driving in the last few years. I enjoys all the aspects of offroading the building testing and camping.

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