Dave Belrose

My family and live Andover MN. Our passion for off-roading started in 2000 when my wife and I joined some friends and family in Dresser Wisconsin at the memorial off-road rally at trollhagen. Two weeks after that event I found my Toyota Landcruiser in the trading times and the rest is history. My truck was completely stock and after 18 years of upgrades and diy modifications it's still on the trail doing well.

I'm a member of the Lunatic wrecking team (LWT) off-road club. Our club vehicles are mainly full sized trucks and tube buggies, sorry no jeeps. We have been members of the mn4wda for 18 years. I'm excited to be on the board of directors and willing to work hard to promote our association and keep OHV healthy in the upper Midwest.

Position: Board of Directors
Based in Andover, MN