Rick Langness


I first got into offroading riding with my cousin who was a member of the MN Go-4 Wheelers and became a member in 1985. One of my cousin’s offroading friends was Mike Sullivan who with others would go all over both MN and WI. When the idea of starting the MN4WDA came up I was asked to be the Membership Secretary as I had a computer and knew spreadsheets.

During the 1990 I had to step back from MN4WDA officer positions as I traveled for work a lot, I took over the President’s position in November 2011 as there was no one in the position and when I talked to leaders in the community they pointed that out to me more times that I’d like to count.

The MN4WDA is currently poised to make sure there are more trails added and our voice is being heard as we have more projects happening or about to start than we ever had at one time. This is due to people stepping up and taking on responsibilities like Public Relations, Web-Master, Land Use, and many others. Where are we going from here? Now that we have learned not to wait on DNR Central Office to assist, but to go make our own contacts local DNR and local government, I believe we’ll get more trails completed outstate and create Play/Test areas in the metro area.

Position: President
Based in Lexington, MN